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About Cooper Atkins India

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Cooper Atkins India is a leading supplier for thermometers and instrumentation in Asia of Cooper Atkins Brand

The company is in the business of selling a Range of Cooper-Atkins Products Like high quality, low cost thermometers,
Infrared Non Contact Thermometers, Data Loggers & Recorders, and a range of testing and Hygiene Products Like  antibacterial swipes, testing strength of sanitizers like chlorine, iodine, provide with  measuring instruments for the catering industry like the sugar, coffer, meat, microwave, Fridges, frying Thermometers.

Cooper Atkins provide customers with value for money, accurate instruments, manufactured to exact specifications and designed to meet customer requirements.

The company aims to have the best reputation for quality of production and high standards of customer service by anticipating customers’ needs and surpassing their expectations through excellence of service and product innovation. These  products has been compiled for hotels, food processors, catering and fast food manufacturer’s to have a quick reference of the most critical parameter guiding this industry in manufacturing and transportation as well as storage and distribution by  this we can help in creating a awareness and trouble free operation to benefit the process on the whole

There has always been a Conscious effort by the company to sell only products of those manufacturers who can assure us High Quality standards. This in turn means that whenever you use a product sold by us you can be rest assured about its Quality and reliability.

we believe in Constant up gradation an incorporate latest technology to save Time, Energy and to preserve Nature

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