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Multi-Function Thermometer Kit

Multi-Function Thermometer Kit

About this item

The Multi-Function Thermometer Kit – 92020 is made up of the MFT 20200 instrument and the 51337-K DuraNeedle Direct Connect Flanged Probe with screw-in flanged connector. The MFT instrument transmits temperatures wirelessly to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy. It can utilize any Cooper-Atkins’ type-K thermocouple temperature probe, making it versatile for insertion, air or surface temperature measurement.



Product Specifications

Temperature Range -100° to 1000°F (-73° to 538°C)
Accuracy +/- 0.5°F (+/- 0.3°C) at ambient between 68° to 86°F (20° to 30°C). Add +/- 0.1° to accuracy spec per 1° change to ambient temperature outside of 68° to 86°F
Ambient Operating Range -4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C). 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Resolution 0.1°F/0.1°C
Kit Includes • 20200 MFT instrument
• 51337-K DuraNeedle Direct Connect Probe with screw-in
flanged connection
Radio Protocol Bluetooth Low Energy 2.4 GHz
RF Range 100 ft open-field range
Power (1) AA Alkaline battery
Battery Life 500 hours
Warranty Five-year instrument warranty
Certifications IPX7 waterproof rated


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