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NotifEye™ Retrofit Solid Simulator

NotifEye™ Retrofit Solid Simulator


  • Accurately simulates product temperature in ambient conditions
  • Durable, FDA-approved material

About this item

In response to the need to represent the actual product temperature, Cooper-Atkins has developed a series of product simulators. Now you can turn your existing air probe into a product simulator probe with the Retrofit Solid Simulator. The #10185 is designed to fit tightly over a NotifEye Temperature Sensor, thus insulating / buffering the probe tip from the frequent air temperature changes.

By using the Retrofit Solid Simulator to monitor refrigeration or freezer cabinets, the true temperature of the product inside will be registered.


Wall-mounting: double-sided, high-strength tape or screw mount
Dimensions: 1.5″ x 1.5″ (38 mm x 38 mm)
Temperature Range: -25° to 180°F (-32° to 82°C)
Warranty 1-year
Material FDA Approved
Stabilization: Up to 2 hours
Patent pending
Weight: 2 oz (59 g)


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