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Dual Input – 2 Zone Thermocouple Pipe Strap Kit

Dual Input – 2 Zone Thermocouple Pipe Strap Kit

About this item

The TD2000 is a dual-input, Type K thermocouple instrument designed to monitor two zones simultaneously. The TD2000 is ideal for monitoring in / out flow lines of cooling and heating units and displays Max temperature and Delta-T calculations.It includes a protective rubber boot and has a temperature range up to 2000°F. TD2000-02 Dual Input Thermocouple Kit Includes: • TD2000 Thermocouple Instrument • (2) 54011-K Pipe Strap Surface Probes • Velcro Wrist Strap • 14057 Soft Pouch

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Product Specifications

Cable Length 10’ (3 m)
Modes T1, T2, Hold & Max modes
Warranty Five year instrument warranty, One year warranty
Temperature Range -25° to 300°F (-32° to 149°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±4°F (±2°C) from -58° to 32°F (-50° to 0°C),±0.3% of reading +2°F (+1°C) from 32° to 2000°F (0° to 1093°C)
Ambient Temperature Range 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
LCD Height 2.125” x 1” (54 mm x 25 mm)
Housing Material ABS plastic
Battery Type (1) 9V
Battery Life 200 hours
Weight 10.7oz (303.3g)
Dimensions 11” elastic strap (fits up to a 3.3” diameter pipe)


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